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Robert Davis appears as counsel in Australian State, Territorial and Federal Courts and the High Court of Australia. His main areas of practice include:

  • Legal, Medical & Financial Professional Negligence LitigationLegal, Medical & Financial Professional Negligence Litigation

    Robert has experience in this specialist area of the law and regularly represents clients in actions involving legal, medical, financial and other types of professional negligence.

  • Civil Aviation LitigationCivil Aviation Litigation

    Robert has a special interest in aviation law, has conducted many claims for passengers injured in aviation accidents throughout Australia, and has lectured to other lawyers on this special topic.

  • Trade Practices & Consumer LitigationTrade Practices & Consumer Litigation

    Robert has undertaken post graduate studies in defective product liability law, has published in and presented papers on this topic, and has conducted many claims under the Consumer Law.

  • Commonwealth Superannuation LitigationCommonwealth Superannuation Litigation

    Robert has represented many former employees of Commonwealth Departments and Authorities and has appeared in many major cases on this subject, commencing with the seminal decision in Cornwell v Commonwealth of Australia [2007] HCA 16; 229 CLR 519; 81 ALJR 933; 234 ALR 148.

  • Motor Vehicle, Workplace, Defective Products & Premises LiabilityMotor Vehicle, Workplace, Defective Products & Premises Liability

    Over more than three decades Robert has conducted a large number of these claims in Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT.

  • Inquests and Commissions of InquiryInquests and Commissions of Inquiry

    Robert has represented clients in many major inquests in Australia. These inquests have included a major passenger bus accident, experimental medical procedures, underwater diving fatalities, police pursuits, and recreational adventure operations. He has a special interest in this topic.

  • Scuba Diving LitigationScuba Diving Litigation

    Robert has conducted a number of cases in this technical area and has published and presented papers on this subject to legal and medical audiences throughout the South Pacific region.

  • Professional & Ethical Standards Disciplinary ProceedingsProfessional & Ethical Standards Disciplinary Proceedings

    Robert has served on ethical and professional standards committees of legal organisations and has occasionally represented professionals facing complaints about their legal and ethical conduct.

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Robert's costs vary depending on the the amount of work required. Cost estimates can be supplied once a brief is received. In appropriate cases Robert is willing to work on a deferred payment or conditional basis. Further details are available upon request.